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very bad
Using the chrome browser to build a module list only shows the other blanks of the module in the first list and then back to the first list becomes a blank list. The module is completely invisible. When building with Firefox, this is better, at least I saw all the modules but I can only see them and I can't use them. Can I change them? Can I change the problem? The translation plugin may have an effect, but I also tried to close the translation plugin. The situation is still the same. I want to say that I can get the function detection to go online, because I waste a lot of time and spirit to try it out. To be honest, this mode is very good. It's very suitable for people who don't use the code. It just takes the spirit and time to do everything. It seems that if you are playing a game, you lose and you end up with nothing.
Please send us Screenshot to solve your Problem

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